About Us

Seong ill Chemical makes a clean and convenient living.

The background of the living environment is filled with various objects.

Our surroundings change depending on the place that leads us, but in the environment that we make ourselves, we fill things up as necessary.

There must always be a value in the filling that makes our life better.

From the perspective of the person who makes the product, nothing is more important than its value.

The living environment filled with useful values is the ideal pursued by   SEONG ILL Chemical.

It is our mission to make products that can increase the value of life from the perspective of users, away from the passive attitude of making ordinary stuff and being chosen by consumers.

Rather than running alone in a hurry, we will take a step forward by communicating with customers like a family that shares thoughts and builds trust.

We are moving forward with you today as we did yesterday so that the living environment we created together can be a precious value for everyone.